Monday, October 25, 2010

Witch Collector’s Open House

My friend Dan lives in small house on quiet suburban street in upstate New York along with more than 500 witch dolls, witch figurines and witchy accessories – some of them are valuable collectables, some of them are just plain fun! This past Sunday I was invited to his “Witch House Open House” where he had on display about three quarters of his collection. Oh my – what a kick! Every room has little groupings and vignettes of witches – yes even the bathrooms! Here he is in his dining room standing in front of a curio cabinet stuffed with witchy delights. His china cabinet holds no dishes – only witches!

Dan started collecting in earnest about 6 years ago and now he has a fantastic collection of witch figurines by Tony Costanza, maybe a couple dozen of Jim Shore’s witch figurines, a really unusual set of erotic little witches from the UK, pieces by Williraye Studio, Katherine's Collection, Pendle Witches, Jacqueline Kent Witches, lots of different kitchen witches, Leo Smith and some from a local ceramic witch figurine maker/painter. At left - shelf of living room curio cabinet stuffed with witch figurines.

He is a “regular” at the Salem stores where he makes annual buying to trips to find pieces that are new and unique. He’s also become a good customer and friend of MoonStruck Gifts. I thought I knew a lot about collecting witch dolls, but I learn a lot from Dan!

At left - the other shelves of the living room curio cabinet - stuffed with magical witch figures, statues and sculpted vignettes.

In Dan’s House, family pictures mingle easily with the witches!