Sunday, October 12, 2008

Witch Family Portrait

Witch & Famous!!!
This fantastic "Family Portrait" was commissioned by one of my best customers, Cathy.
When she told me she was going to to it, I thought it was a great idea, but after seeing the picture, I am absolutely blown away!
The picture was shot by Craig Furze - you can contact him thru his website
OK - Cath... I soooo have to do something like this with my witchy girlfriends. I just can't stop looking at it - LOVE IT!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

White Witch Nancy!

Is she just the best? Nancy put this elegant and extravagant costume together using our "White Witch" Hat by Dept 56 (See our current hat collection at
coordinating white gloves, trimmed in lace and spiders (also by D56, but no longer available - sorry!) and and ostrich boa. The sparkle-knit shawl and pearl trimmed broom are just plain strokes of spooky chic genius!
When she's not wearing them, the hat, gloves and boa hang on her coat rack in her front entry way as if the "Witch" set them there when she got home!
What's the thought process behind this wonderful witch's wardrobe? "Halloween has always been a big holiday at my house, but in the last few years, since the boys have moved on in different directions, we haven't done as much in the way of celebrating and constructing terror trails in the back yard. So with my new witches outfit, I feel like I'm back into it a bit, but with more sophistication."

Nancy - I gotta hand it to you - this one will be tough to top. LOVE IT!!!