Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How to paint your own Wicked Wine Glasses

Well, since blog content is supposed to be informative as well as self promoting... I thought we'd have a little lesson in painting Wicked wine glasses. I sell lots of them in the shop - both the simple design you see pictured here and the more intricate design with the painted base.

The secret to painting words on a glass is simple - Pick out a cool font, type the word "Wicked" or whatever word you want to paint and size it to be about 2 inches wide. Print the word out and then cut it out close to the top and sides. Put a little scotch tape on the piece and tape it to the inside of the glass so that the word reads from the outside of the glass. Then just paint the word on the outside
of the glass "tracing" the taped image. If you're using black paint, print the word in another color like green so you can see the difference between what you've painted and what you haven't.

I use Liquitex Glossies for paint - it's more expensive than the Enamels brand you can find at Michael's, but I paint a lot of glasses. There's nothing wrong with Enamels, just make sure you don't let the paint get too thick or it becomes really hard to get nice smooth lines. Most important - Get a good brush!
It's all about the brush! Then you bake the glass according to the directions on the paint.
And if you don't want to do all that (but really, it's fun) go to
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