Thursday, September 9, 2010

How to have a Witch Hat Party

There's a little bit of witch in all of us, Ladies! Celebrate that part of you with a gaggle of your best girlfriends - have a witch hat party! If it's a big party, you might want to have a prize for the most elegant hat, the most unique hat, etc. If it's just a small group like my friends pictured here, just spend the night complimenting each other's hats and make sure you've got plenty of potion!

The white witch is my best friend, Betsy in her white witch hat by Dept 56. Damn! That hat has been discontinued... it was to die for!
What a blast we had, everybody brought their brooms and a dish to knosh... lots of fun!

Check out our fantastic collection of witch hats!

I know of a group of witchy girlfriends in West Palm, Florida who call themselves "The Witches of West Palm" (what a great name!) and they go all out for their parties. Take a look at the table for their little "party"!

Is that fantastic or what?
Hand painted "Wicked" wine glasses make a bewitching table setting and fun take-home favors. Easy to make - take a look at my blog prior to this one for instructions on how to paint "Wicked" wine glasses - I use a quality Libby stem, but you can go to the Dollar Store and get your's.

For witchy party favors -

Take a look at these little "Sinister Stilletos" by Katherine's Collection - $5 each - love 'em!

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benilhalk said...

Hey!! This party looks so enjoyable. Have never been to such a party but would love to be a part. Me and my friend is looking for best ideas for Halloween party that will be soon host at one of Chicago event venues. Want to make it best one for all the invitees.